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Fun, Easy, Inexpensive Bath Salts PDF Print E-mail

I recently walked past a display at Whole Foods and saw a very nice aromatic display of bath salts.  My nose and eye took a look, but I was quickly shocked at the price.  They wanted $12.99 per pound.  I set out to find out how to make my own bath salts for a fraction of the cost.  Here is what I found.

There are very few ingredients in bath salts. Here are the typical ingredients:

Epsom salts, regular salt, sea salt or some type of combination.

Something to moisturize the skin.  I found different ingredients are usually used for this.  Oatmeal, baking soda, vegetable oil or glycerin were typical.  However, since baking soda and salt create a gas, I would not recommend you use baking soda.  Especially if you were to store this mixture in an air tight container.

Then nearly all bath salts contain some type of fragrance.  These can be essential oils, dried or fresh flowers.

Finally, most bath salts contained some type of coloring to make them look pleasant.

Wholefood DisplayHere is the mixture I made.  I estimated the total costs of each ingredient based on how much it appeared I used, but I think they should be close to actual costs.  We could have saved even more by using safflower oil like Wholefoods did, but my daughter can get very dry skin so we decided to go with the more expensive glycerin.

Lavender Bath Salts

2 cups Epsom Salt (CVS $3/4lbs) total $0.75

1/4 cup sea salt (Bulk $0.59 lb) total $0.25

3 teaspoons pure glycerin (CVS 5.49/6 oz) total $0.70

3 - 5 drops Lavender Essential Oils (Whole Foods 10.99/10ml) total $0.50

3 drops red, 1 drop blue food coloring (Giant $4.89 4 pack) total $0.10

Total for all ingredients - $2.30

This was enough for two baths bringing the per bath cost to $1.15 for 6 oz.  Instead of paying $0.81 an ounce we made the bath salts for just $0.19 an ounce!  If you were making these as gifts, that could add up quickly.

I mixed the two salts with the glycerin. Then added the lavender and food coloring.  After lightly mixing for a few minutes the color turned a pinkish, purple.

To finish it off I cut the back side of a white plastic grocery bag.  I tied it with some red ribbon.  Then I used some red crepe paper left over from Christmas and tied it with white ribbon.

The finished product was "tested" by my daughter Abigail.  She said it was very nice, but the lavender smell did not last too long.  She suggested I might add a few more drops of Lavender Essential Oils.

These salts make for a nice and simple gift.

I hope to try some more recipes and share them as I do.  Let us know if you try different oils or combinations.  We would love to hear from you! Please comment below.

Mark Strohm -

Mark Strohm has served a Christian School principal, Children's pastor, seminar speaker and adjunct professor.


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