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Why Free Samples are Valuable PDF Print E-mail

When I tell people about the Thrifty Times website with money saving articles and a blog that helps people find free items, free samples and great deals I often hear stories of frustration and a general feeling that free samples are too much effort. So I ask the question "are free samples worth the time?" I think "yes" and here is why.

First, free is always good for the budget. If you have the time to fill out a form, then go ahead and spend that time for something free!

Second, I like to try new things, but there is nothing more frustrating than byuing a new brand of food or a new product only to find out my family and I don't like it. While free samples tend to be small the savings may be greater than just the amount it would have cost you to buy the small quantity. This is because you typically have to buy a greater quantity just to find out if you like it. Free samples give you a worry free and cost free way to test out an unproven product.

Next, free samples are always a bit of fun and add excitement to the typically boring, bill laden mail! I don't know about you, but I get discouraged with all the bills, town notices and political announcements that come it the mail. A free sample always brightens my day.

Finally, I have made some great discoveries I would never had known about if it were not for free samples. Sure I am generally not impressed with many of the free samples I get, but every once and a while something comes that I would never have purchases and I am glad I got to try it with a free, no obligation sample!

I do have one word of advice when looking for free samples. Find a reliable online source. Don't get pulled into junk mail lists or supposedly free items only to find out you have to pay more in shipping and handling than the item is worth. Check out our blog which is a reliable source of good samples, excellent coupons and great deals.

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Mark Strohm -

Mark Strohm has served a Christian School principal, Children's pastor, seminar speaker and adjunct professor.


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