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Mark Strohm has served a Christian School principal, Children's pastor, seminar speaker and adjunct professor.Read more >>
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Grocery Shopping SavingsGrocery Shopping Savings
Everyone needs to eat.  Grocery shopping is a fact of...
Creating A Personal BudgetCreating A Personal Budget
Creating a personal budget does not have to be a...
Painless Budget Cuts
Lets face it, sometimes it is painful to deny yourself. ...

Summer Savings

July 2011 Thrifty Times

Great Saving Articles . . .
Financial Freedom
Two Powerful Money Saving AttitudesMark Strohm
I love saving money and I love to enjoy life as well. Sometimes I feel like these two "loves" are in conflict with each other. If a friend suggests we go...Read More >>
Household Hints
Change Habits and Save MoneyMark Strohm
You may recall your parents (or grandparents) telling you that certain habits will help you out in life. Remember Ben Franklin's quote: "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man...Read More >>
Budget Battle
Reduce The Cost Of Health CareMark Strohm
Despite all the rhetoric from Washington, health care costs are on the rise. Some may feel that in this day and age of big government and big insurance companies any possibilities...Read More >>
Practicing the Principles
Tough Times PoemMark Strohm, Sr.
This poem was written in the 1970's by my father, Mark Strohm, Sr. As my sister's and I began to enter college and the energy crisis was hitting hard, my parents...Read More >>
Household Hints
How To Save Energy Beyond Efficient Light BulbsMark Strohm
Many homeowners would like to trim their energy bills. You may have already installed energy efficient light bulbs so now what? Is there more you can do to make sure your...Read More >>
Reasonable Recipes
Healthy Frozen Treats Kids Will EatMark Strohm
Popsicles and sweet frozen treats are always delicious on a hot summer day. To help moms get their kids to eat more healthy, companies are flooding the grocery frozen food isles...Read More >>
More Great Saving Articles . . .
Smart Shopping
Extreme Couponing Is Not BeneficialExtreme Couponing Is Not BeneficialMark StrohmTLC's Extreme Couponing Show is in full swing this summer showcasing families that "save" several hundred dollars to over $1,000 in one shopping trip. Because of all the hype my...Read More >>
Simple Savings
Buy Local Produce and SaveBuy Local Produce and SaveMark StrohmThe local produce season has begun. Berries have been out and now the early and mid season veggies are beginning to appear at local markets. According to "Most produce...Read More >>
Household Hints
Proper Storage of Fruits and VegetablesProper Storage of Fruits and VegetablesMark StrohmProper storage of produce can mean the difference between a delicious meal or a trash can filled with a rotten mess. However, the ideal storage environment for fruits and vegetables...Read More >>
Household Hints
20 Fun, Free and Easy Outside Activities for Kids20 Fun, Free and Easy Outside Activities for KidsMark StrohmParents are getting pressure from school and health officials that their children need to watch less TV, play less video games and get off the computer. But many outside activities...Read More >>

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