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As a new stay-at-home mom Kelly is learning the fine art of thrift.Read more >>
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Save $60 for 5 minutes of workSave $60 for 5 minutes...
According to "ENERGY STAR qualified lighting provides bright, warm...
Struggling with Debt, A Young Couple Shares Their StoryStruggling with Debt, A Young...
As a husband and young father Russ Watson found himself $245,000...
Creating A Personal BudgetCreating A Personal Budget
Creating a personal budget does not have to be a...

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Great Saving Articles . . .
Practicing the Principles
Contentment versus DiscontentmentCathy Riccio
Thrifty Times endeavors to save you money so that you will be free from debt and worry and so you will be able to give generously to those in need.  If...Read More >>
Financial Freedom
Your First Three Days To A Thrifty LifestyleMark Strohm
Many have found themselves with a sudden need to be thrifty. Whether a loss of a job or loss of extra income, or perhaps the addition of a new family member...Read More >>
Practicing the Principles
Struggling with Debt, A Young Couple Shares Their StoryMark Strohm
As a husband and young father Russ Watson found himself $245,000 in debt.  With income less than $60,000 per year there seemed little way to retire the debt.  Read Russ' story from...Read More >>
Reasonable Recipes
Easy and Inexpensive After School SnacksMark Strohm
When our four children were young we were given advice from a friend who had started her family of 4 about 10 years before we did.  Her advice? Carrots and celery. ...Read More >>
Reasonable Recipes
Eleven Ways To Save With A CrockpotMark Strohm
Can you really save money using a crock-pot? Many stories abound about Depression era families cooking beans for breakfast lunch and dinner. So perhaps the crock-pot or slow cooker has a...Read More >>
Smart Shopping
Organize Now For Christmas Gift SavingsEllen Strohm
The leaves are beginning to change color and the chain stores have their Halloween candy out.  Though it seems very odd to start this early, you can save...Read More >>
More Great Saving Articles . . .
Reasonable Recipes
Can Canning Still Save Money?Can Canning Still Save Money?Mark StrohmWhen I lived in Illinois my father-in-law would go to a local market just at closing and buy up the leftover sweet corn. For pennies a pound we would shuck,...Read More >>
Household Hints
Winterizing Your HouseWinterizing Your HouseMark StrohmMore than 30% of your winter energy costs are due to leaks and  inefficiency. Imagine saving 30% on your winter heating costs! Simple winterizing can help save you money. But...Read More >>
Budget Battle
Work For Teens In This EconomyWork For Teens In This EconomyMark StrohmI have heard parents complain that there are no jobs for teens in this troubled economy. It is true, that there are less jobs, but for teens willing to work,...Read More >>
Simple Savings
Why Free Samples are ValuableWhy Free Samples are ValuableMark StrohmWhen I tell people about the Thrifty Times website with money saving articles and a blog that helps people find free items, free samples and great deals I often hear...Read More >>

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